Hubert Burda Media

Hubert Burda Media
Holding Limited Partnership
Industry Media
Online services
Founded Offenburg, 1898
Founder Franz Burda I
Headquarters Offenburg, Germany
Number of locations
Revenue 2.45 billion EUR (2012)
Owner Hubert Burda (60%)[1]
Number of employees
9,241 (2012)

Hubert Burda Media (often abbreviated as simply "Burda") is a German privately held, family-owned global media company with its origins in printing and magazine publishing. It is among Europe's largest publishers and leading consumer-internet companies. Burda is headquartered in Offenburg and Munich and employs almost 10,300 people globally (2015). Since 2010, Paul-Bernhard Kallen has been serving as the company's CEO.


Hubert Burda Media began as an Offenburg, Germany, printing facility in 1898, founded by Franz Burda I. The company expanded between 1898 and 1945 to include the production of dressmaking patterns and magazines. During the Second World War, Burda Media stopped publishing their 'S rag' magazine and only printed maps for the German General Staff.[2] In 1949, Franz Burda II and his wife Aenne Burda began publishing women’s fashion magazines.

In 2009 Burda ceased his print magazines Young, Tomorrow and Amica because of the print media crises.[3][4]


Hubert Burda Media is engaged in four main business areas: Domestic Publishing (Germany), International Publishing, Digital, and Printing.

Domestic publishing

Hubert Burda Media publishes 164 magazines in its German home market (2015).[5] The portfolio ranges from women, fashion and entertainment (Burda Style, Bunte, InStyle, Freundin, Lisa), news, men and lifestyle (FOCUS, Super Illu, TV Spielfilm, Playboy), food and living (Mein Schöner Garten, Meine Familie & Ich, Das Haus) to consumer technology (CHIP). In March 2016, Hubert Burda Media made its Drupal 8 based Content Management System Thunder available online as a free open-source platform for use and further development by other publishers.[6][7]

The company's central advertising sales organization, Burda Community Network (BCN), continues to be market leader in the consumer magazine advertising market. In magazine sales, the division achieved a total of about 331 million copies domestically. At present, this portfolio of print products reaches 79.1 percent of the German population over 14 years of age. Since November 2010, Burda Creative Group has been designing and implementing journalistic formats and media campaigns for corporate brands and products.

International publishing

The corporation is well represented in the international publishing business. Hubert Burda Media and its partner publishers served customers with 229 magazines internationally in 2011. With 180 titles Eastern Europe was the main focus of activities. The remaining magazines are distributed across France, the UK, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. In Turkey, Hubert Burda Media runs Dogan-Burda, the largest Turkish magazine group, together with the Dogan Media Group.


The Digital division pools the corporations's strategic online operations. Burda Digital Holding is one of the leading European internet companies linked to a media company. The holding is part of Hubert Burda Media and pools successful digital companies such as XING, the number one business network in Germany and Europe; Chip Xonio Online GmbH, the leading German media company specializing in consumer technologies with CHIP (magazine); the hotel rating and travel booking portal Holidaycheck (through the majority interest in the stock-listed Tomorrow Focus AG; the premium online dating site Elitepartner; FOCUS Online, one of the leading German news and consumer information portals; as well as the international DLD Conference Digital Life Design. In 2011, the Burda Digital investments recorded a total turnover of € 937.2m. Burda Digital is co-headed by Dr. Paul-Bernhard Kallen, CEO of Hubert Burda Media, and Dr. Jörg Lübcke.


Burda Druck is the printing division of the company. With two plants in Offenburg (Germany), one in Nuremberg (Germany) and another one in Vieux-Thann (France), the division is among Europe's largest printing companies. It specializes in gravure printing of high-quality, high-circulation magazines, catalogues and advertising material.

HT Burda Media Ltd. was a joint venture of Burda Druck and the Indian daily newspaper publisher Hindustan Time, based in New Delhi, India. Now Burda Druck India Pvt Ltd is the wholly owned subsidiary of Burda Druck GmbH of Germany engaged in the business of commercial printing and printing of textbooks in India.

Public events and corporate philanthropy

Major events organized by Hubert Burda Media include Bambi, the international media and TV awards, and the annual DLD Conference (Digital Life Design).

The not-for-profit Hubert Burda Foundation, created in 1999, oversees all of the company’s charitable and scientific activities. The foundation oversees three main organizations:

  1. The Felix Burda Foundation, established in 2001. Its aim is to reduce the number of new cases of intestinal cancer diagnosed in Germany each year through awareness campaigns.
  2. The Burda Academy for the Third Millennium has been in existence since 1994. This academy organises the lecture programme “The Iconic Turn – new world imagery” and various other conferences on scientific developments for the future.

Prizes in literature

The annual Herman Lenz Award, established in 1999, replacing the Petrarca Prize, founded in 1975. It is an annual meeting for young poets and writers focusing on German literature and authors. The Hubert Burda Prize for new eastern European literature is intended to seek out, support and promote young poets from eastern Europe.

The Centre for Innovative Communications, at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beersheba, Israel, created in 1999, also falls under the aegis of the Hubert Burda Foundation.


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