Hua County

This article is about Hua County, Henan. For other Hua counties (other Huaxian), see Hua (disambiguation).

Hua County or Huaxian (滑县) is a county under Anyang municipality, Henan, China.


The Hua county is located in the southmost part of Anyang. To its north lies Neihuang County, also in Anyang; to its east Puyang County in Puyang; to its south the counties of Changyuan and Fengqiu, both in Xinxiang; to its west Xinxiang's Yanjin County and Hebi's Xun County.


The county executive, legislature, and Basic People's Court are in Daokou Town (道口镇), together with the CPC and PSB branches.[1]



Hua County in the News

On 2009 September 10, the Basic People's Court sentenced Wei Fazhao to death for his January drunk-driving killing of eight people and injuring of three. It was the first death penalty given to a drink-driver anywhere in Henan.[2]

Notes and references

  2. Yu Aitong, Drink driving death toll reduced by a third, South China Morning Post, 2009 September 15

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