Howard Emery Wright

Howard Emery Wright was born in 1908 in Philadelphia to William and Evelyn Wright.[1] He attended elementary school in Washington D.C.[1] He was a graduate of Atlantic City High School in New Jersey.[1]

Undergraduate and graduate years

Wright received a Bachelor's degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania in 1932.[1] He received a Master's degree from Ohio State University in 1933.[1] He received a PhD in psychology at Ohio State University in 1946.[1]


Wright became principal of the Campus Laboratory School at Albany State College in Georgia at age twenty five until 1934.[1] He principal at a school in West Virginia called Aracoma High School(1936 to 1939).[1] At the Campus Laboratory School at Prairie View College in Texas he was principal from 1940 to 1945.[1] At this school he also held positions as associate professor of education and director of teacher training.[1] He was teacher assistant at Ohio State University. At North Carolina College in Durham he was chairman in the psychology department (1945–1948).[1] When he left there he became chairman of education at Southern University until 1953.[1] He became president of Allen University in South Carolina in 1961. In Washington, D.C.[1] wright became regional director of Community Action Programs for the Office of Opportunity.[1] He was dean at Maryland State College in 1967.[1]


Wright was a board member of the Home for Dependent Children, Child Guidance Clinic,Advisory committee to Civil rights, and Vice president of Victory Savings Bank.[1]


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