How to Meet the Lucky Stars

How to Meet the Lucky Stars

Hong Kong film poster
Traditional 運財五福星
Simplified 运财五福星
Mandarin Yún Qǎi Wŭ Fú Xīng
Cantonese Wan6 Coi6 Ng2 Fuk1 Sing1
Directed by Frankie Chan
Produced by Eric Tsang
Written by Lee Chi-wai
Lee Ping-kwong
Ivy Lee
Starring Sammo Hung
Eric Tsang
Richard Ng
Stanley Fung
Michael Miu
Françoise Yip
Music by Roel A. Garcia
Cinematography Sung Kong
Ng Wing-kit
Venus Keung
Fletcher Poon
Edited by Jelly Mak
Grand March Movie Production
Distributed by Newport Entertainment
Release dates
  • 4 July 1996 (1996-07-04)
Running time
112 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK $2,084,545

How to Meet the Lucky Stars (Chinese: 運財五福星) is a 1996 Hong Kong action comedy film and the final film in the Lucky Stars film series. Featuring the "Lucky Stars" Sammo Hung (in his original role and another role as a cop), Eric Tsang, Richard Ng, Stanley Fung, Michael Miu and new cast member Vincent Lau as Hung's younger cousin and Françoise Yip as their love interest (except for Hung and Lau). Also featuring a number of guest appearances including Natalis Chan, Chen Kuan-tai, Cheng Pei-pei, Chan Hung-lit and Nora Miao. It was produced by Tsang, directed by Frankie Chan with action choreography by Yuen Cheung-yan and Mars. The film was released as a benefit film for the famous Hong Kong film director, Lo Wei, who died in 1996.


During an International Gambling Competition, "The King of Gamblers" Lui Tin (Chen Kuan-tai) lost to the lacivious, psychotic lesbian queen of gamblers Sheung-kung Fei-fa aka "The Gambling Flower" (Kung Suet-fa) which caused him to commit suicide. His daughter Wai-lam (Fung Sau-yin) vows to avenge her father's death and get help from her late father's good friend. Uncle Wah (Cho Tat-wah), who is a police inspector. Wah also enlists the "Lucky Stars" to assist him.


The Lucky Stars

Cast Role
Sammo Hung Eric / Kidstuff / Chi-koo Choi
Eric Tsang Roundhead / Lo-han Kuo
Richard Ng Sandy / Dee
Stanley Fung Rawhide / Rhino Skin
Michael Miu Pagoda / Ginseng
Vincent Lau Leung

The Female Team

Cast Role
Françoise Yip Francoise
Kung Suet-fa Sheung-kung Fei-fa aka "The Gambling Flower"
Fung Sau-yin Lui Wai-lam
Diana Pang Bo Bo

Police force

Cast Role
Cho Tat-wah Uncle Wah
Sammo Hung Big Head Tai-lam Choi

Guest star

Cast Role
Natalis Chan King of Swindler
Chen Kuan-tai Lui Tin aka "The King of Gamblers"
Cheng Pei-pei Chu Ba
Nora Miao Gamble Announcer
Mark Houghton Blonde Henchmen
Kim Penn Niki (uncredited)

Cameo appearance

Cast Role
Chan Hung-lit Supreme of Gamblers
Gabriel Wong Cheung Fan
Shing Fui-On Tai Sor (Big Crazy)
Kingdom Yuen Tai Sor's wife
Joe Ma
Tony Liu Gambler
Yuen Cheung-yan Mahjong Player
Mars Mahjong Player
Canti Lau Gambler
Benny Lai Henchmen
Anthony Carpio Henchman (uncredited)
Johnny Cheung Henchman
Rocky Lai Henchman
William Tuen Gambler
Gabriel Wong Man in Green Suit
Lowell Lo
James Tien

Box office

This film grossed HK $2,084,545 during its theatrical run from 4–19 July 1996 in Hong Kong.

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