How Molly Made Good

How Molly Made Good

Film poster
Directed by Lawrence B. McGill
Produced by Lee Kugel
Written by Burns Mantle
Starring Marguerite Gale
Distributed by Kulee Features
Release dates
  • October 26, 1915 (1915-10-26)
Running time
6 reels
Country US
Language Silent
English intertitles

How Molly Made Good (aka: How Molly Malone Made Good) is a 1915 silent drama film which is one of the first films to feature cameo appearances by major celebrities. It survives in the Library of Congress and is available on DVD.[1][2][3] The writer of the film, Burns Mantle, may have been influenced by the globe-trotting adventure of Nellie Bly in 1889 in which the lady reporter circumvented the globe in a specified amount of time using several means of conveyance and visiting as many famous cities as possible.

The opera star Madame Fjorde is possibly a created character for the film masquerading as a famous opera star. No information on her other than this film is found on the internet.



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