Honoured Inventor of the RSFSR

Honorary title
Honoured Inventor of the RSFSR
Awarded by  Russian SFSR
Type Honorary title
Eligibility Citizens of the Soviet Union
Awarded for Inventions of national importance, major and lasting contribution in technological progress
Status No longer awarded
Established April 20, 1961
Related Honoured Inventor of the USSR

The Honorary Title "Honoured Inventor of the RSFSR" (Russian: Заслуженный изобретатель РСФСР) was the highest scientific award of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic of the USSR. It got established on April 20, 1961 and was awarded to individuals for inventions of national importance and their major contribution to technological progress and long activities in science. The recipients had to be present in order to receive title and medal.[1]


(the current list is incomplete)

Nikolay Mikhaylovich Afanasyev (1968)[2]
Gavriil Ilizarov (1965), (1975)[4]
Boris Laskonin (1964)[6]
Ivan Ivanovich Manilo[7]
Alexander Nadiradze (1973)[8]

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