Holy Trinity Cathedral (Karachi)

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Holy Trinity Cathedral, Karachi

Holy Trinity Cathedral is the seat of the Church of Pakistan, Diocese of Karachi,[1] situated on Fatima Jinnah Road, near Zainab Market, in Karachi, Pakistan.


A postcard from 1904.

Established in 1844[2] and built in 1855, Holy Trinity Cathedral was designed by Captain John Hill of the Bombay Engineers and built from local, buff-colored Gizri stone[3] as the first major church in Karachi.[3] Its original tall tower was built to serve as a light house for ships arriving at Karachi Harbour[4] but two stories of the tower were removed for safety in 1905. The original pitched roof was replaced by a barrel vaulted roof in the 1970s.[3] As a former garrison church for the British military, the church has a number of plauques memorializing British servicemen and history.[5]


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