van der Hammen, 1972
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Subclass: Acari
Superorder: Parasitiformes
Order: Holothyrida

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10 genera, > 25 species

The Holothyrida are a small order of mites in the superorder Parasitiformes. No fossils are known. With body lengths of more than 2 mm they are relatively large mites, with a heavily sclerotized body. They mainly feed on the body fluids of dead arthropods. This was possibly the common way of feeding for ticks before they adapted for feeding on the blood of live animals.[1]

Although only 25 species are currently described, many others have been collected.

The order has a Gondwanan distribution. They are likely the sister group to Ixodida (ticks).[2]



Allothyridae van der Hammen, 1972Australia

  • Allothyrus australasiae (Womersley, 1935)
  • Allothyrus constrictus (Domrow, 1955)
  • Australothyrus ocellatus van der Hammen, 1983


Holothyridae Thorell, 1882

  • Indothyrus greeni Lehtinen, 1995Sri Lanka
  • Haplothyrus expolitissimus (Berlese, 1924) — New Caledonia
  • Haplothyrus hyatti Lehtinen, 1995 — unknown locality
  • Holothyrus coccinella Gervais, 1842
  • Holothyrus legendrei Hammen, 1983
  • Hammenius armatus (Canestrini, 1897)Tamara Island (Aitape): New Guinea
  • Hammenius berlesei (Lehtinen, 1995) — New Guinea
  • Hammenius braueri (Thon, 1906)
  • Hammenius fujuge Lehtinen, 1981New Guinea (Central District, Oro Province)
  • Hammenius grandjeani (Hammen, 1961)Mount Bosavi: New Guinea
  • Hammenius holthuisi van der Hammen, 1983
  • Hammenius ingii Lehtinen, 1981 — New Guinea
  • Hammenius insularis Lehtinen, 1995Louisiade Archipelago: New Guinea
  • Hammenius longipes (Thorell, 1882) — Fly River, New Guinea (?)
  • Hammenius mendi (Lehtinen, 1995)Strickland River: New Guinea
  • Hammenius montanus Hammen, 1983Irian Jaya
  • Hammenius niger (Thon, 1906)


Neothyridae Lehtinen, 1981

  • Diplothyrus schubarti Lehtinen, 1999
  • Neothyrus ana Lehtinen, 1981


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