Hollow (Godsmack song)

Song by Godsmack from the album IV
Released 2006
Format CD
Recorded October - December 2005 at Spiral Recording Studio in Hollywood, California
Genre Acoustic rock
Length 4:32
Label Republic/Universal
Writer(s) Sully Erna
Tony Rombola
Producer(s) Andy Johns and Sully Erna

"Hollow" is an acoustic song by the heavy metal band Godsmack from their fourth studio album, IV. Frontman Sully Erna and Lisa Guyer are on the song vocals. "Hollow" is the only acoustic song that appeared in the album, and Erna has played it frequently on his solo tour.


Among the many highlights on the album is the haunting ballad Hollow, a complete departure for Godsmack. Featuring backing vocals from Lisa Guyer (a friend of the band), and feature orchestration of acoustic guitars, mandolin strings and cello, this song shows a poignant— and for Erna, especially, evocative— side of the band. "It's simple, with feeling and emotion," says Erna. "It's the piece that was necessary to make the record feel whole, to give it both sides of the Godsmack yin and yang."

Song meaning

This song is about realizing that nothing is the way it used to be. The same things that used to be fun for the singer now just make him feel empty. He realizes it's time to change his ways and become that better person, while still acknowledging that he wouldn't change the past.

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