Available in English
Owner History Ink
Slogan(s) The free online encyclopedia of Washington State history
Website www.historylink.org
Commercial 501(c)(3) nonprofit
Launched May 1, 1998[1]
Current status Active

HistoryLink is a website that is an encyclopedia of Washington State history. The site has nearly 7,000 entries and attracts 5,000 daily visitors.[2] There are 500 biographies and more than 14,000 images.[3][4]

The non-profit historical organization History Ink produces HistoryLink.org, stating that it is the nation’s first online encyclopedia of local and state history created expressly for the Internet. Walt Crowley was the founding president and executive director.


In 1997, Crowley discussed preparing a Seattle-King County historical encyclopedia for the 2001 sesquicentennial of the Denny Party. His wife Marie McCaffrey suggested publishing the encyclopedia on the Internet.[5]

They and Paul Dorpat incorporated History Ink on November 10, 1997, with seed money from Priscilla "Patsy" Collins, by birth a member of Seattle's wealthy and prominent Bullitt family.[6] The prototype of HistoryLink.org debuted on May 1, 1998, and attracted additional funding for a formal launch in 1999. In 2003 HistoryLink.org expanded its content to cover Washington state history. Meanwhile, History Ink continues, focusing on the production of history books.[5]


Crowley and HistoryLink.org have won many awards, including


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