High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

The United Nations High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development or HLPF replaced the Commission on Sustainable Development on the 24 September 2013[1] after the last session of the Commission on Sustainable Development was held 4 days previously to close the commission which had lasted for 20 years.[2]

It meets both under the General Assembly every four years and the ECOSOC in other years with technical, ministerial and high level segments. In future years it intends to meet in July. It adopts negotiated declarations, reviews commitment and will eventually review the progress of the post-2015 development agenda.

The HLPF was part of the agreement following the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development or Rio+20 with the aim to strengthen Sustainable Development governance at the United Nations it has the mandate[3] to:

The forum meets:

In keeping with this meeting rhythm, 100-page reports are to be published, starting with a prototype report in 2014, along with a call for contributions to the 2015 version. [4]

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