Hezar Dastan

Hezar Dastan
Directed by Ali Hatami
Starring Ezzatolah Entezami
Jamshid Mashayekhi
Davoud Rashidi
Ali Nasirian
Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz
Hossein Gil
Jafar Vali
Zahara Hatami
Jahangir Forouhar
Country of origin Iran
Original language(s) Persian
Running time 720 minutes
Distributor Channel 1
Original release 1987

Hezar Dastan (Persian: هزاردستان, also Romanized as Hezār Dastān) (1979-1987) is a highly popular TV series in Iran directed by Ali Hatami. Hezar Dastan is considered an eternal work in the history of Iranian TV. Hatami established a small town as historical site in which he made Hezar Dastan. In 2006, Hezar Dastan was voted by the Association of Iranian movies and TV critics as the best Iranian TV series ever made.


Ghazarian jewelry shop is robbed by Moffatesh Shesh Angoshti (Davoud Rashidi). A set of jewelry belonging to Khan -e- Mozaffar's daughter-in-law, Amineh Aghdas (Zari Khoshkam) is among the stolen jewels. Khan -e- Mozaffar (Ezzatolah Entezami), who used to be the governor of Kerman, asks the Head of the Police (Jafar Vali) in Tehran to locate the missing jewels. Head of Police then assigns Moffatesh to find the set of jewelry. After a few unsuccessful attempts to recover the jewelry set, Moffatesh realizes that a Police Officer (Nematollah Gorji) stole the set in the process of crime.

The corrupt inspector, whose position has become shaky, retreats to Mashhad. He asserts pressure on Reza Khoshnevis, the famous calligrapher, to hand over his wealth to him. It is then that Reza recounts the story of his life under torture.

Partial cast

An old calligrapher, hunter and mercenary for Komiteh Mojazat. He is loosely based on four historical figures: Emad ol-Ketab, Mirza Mohammad Reza Kalhor, Karim Davatgar and Ali Hatami himself.
The former governor of Kerman, who lives full time in the Grand Hotel. He is presumably the most powerful man in Iran in the times of World War II and controls everything from Import / Export to Political Situations. He is based on Abdol-Hossein Farmanfarma.
A corrupt investigator and interrogator who works for Khan -e- Mozaffar. He is a mixed between several historical figures such as Muhammad-Husayn Ayrom, Rokneddin Mokhtari, Mohammad Dargahi, Abbas Bakhtiari and Adib ol-Saltaneh.
A iron-smith in Tehran who later kills Khan -e- Mozaffar
Khan -e- Mozaffar's Daughter-in-law


The movie was censored numerous times before it was cleared for screening by Islamic organizations in Iran.

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