Herty Field

Herty Field

UGA's first football field, circa 2005.
Location Herty Drive
Athens, Georgia 30602
Owner University of Georgia
Operator University of Georgia
Opened Fall 1891
Georgia Bulldogs
(football and baseball)

Herty Field, also known as Alumni Athletic Field,[1] was the original on-campus playing venue for football and baseball at the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, Georgia. It opened in the Fall of 1891 and hosting the first UGA home football game against Mercer University on January 30, 1892.

Before its use for athletics, the field was a marching ground. Under the direction of Dr. Charles Herty, a professor of Chemistry at UGA and the creator of the UGA varsity football and baseball teams, the field was landscaped to host games and practices for the University's varsity and intramural activities.[1]

Outside of his faculty duties, Herty also served as the Instructor in Physical Culture from 1894 to 1896 and as Physical Director from 1896 until his resignation from UGA in November 1901. He led efforts to improve the field including raising USD$1,900.00 in 1897 from UGA alumni to further landscape the field and build bleachers. The field was originally referred to as Alumni Athletic Field; however, the name was changed to Herty Field after several years.[1]

Herty Field was converted into a parking lot in the 1940s; however, it was converted back into a greenspace in 1999.[2]


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