Hermosillo Stamping & Assembly

Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly is a Ford Motor Company-owned automobile assembly facility located in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. The facility currently assembles Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models for the North American market.[1] The facility, which began production in 1986, employs 1,500 people and covers a floor space of approximately 1,500,000 sq ft (140,000 m2).[2]

At its inception, the plant was jointly owned by Ford and Mazda,[3] the two companies sharing production techniques. Initially all parts were shipped from Japan for final assembly of the 323 and Tracer models.[4] Local content has gradually increased over the years with the addition of on site suppliers. The plant is unionized under SINTRAFORD.[5] Because of the plant's Sonoran Desert location and drought conditions during the 1990s, the plant has reduced its water usage by 40% from earlier numbers. The plant is able to supply the city from its own wells during emergencies.

Flexible manufacturing

For the production of the Ford CD3 platform, Ford updated the plant for increased efficiency and flexibility[6] Ford's US$1 billion investment included construction of a 1,750,000 sq ft (163,000 m2) supplier park near the site. The improvements facilitated quick production shifts between models. Capacity of the plant was improved to 300,000 units per year. The plant was top rated in the category of "Compact Premium Conventional" in terms of productivity, taking an average of 20.78 hours to assemble a vehicle.[7]




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