Heptadecanoic acid

Heptadecanoic acid[1]
IUPAC name
Heptadecanoic acid
Other names
Margaric acid
n-Margaric acid
n-Heptadecanoic acid
Heptadecylic acid
n-Heptadecylic acid
17:0 (Lipid numbers)
506-12-7 YesY
3D model (Jmol) Interactive image
ChEBI CHEBI:32365 YesY
ChEMBL ChEMBL1172910 YesY
ChemSpider 10033 YesY
ECHA InfoCard 100.007.298
Molar mass 270.45 g/mol
Appearance White crystals
Density 0.853 g/cm3
Melting point 61.3 °C (142.3 °F; 334.4 K)
Boiling point 227 °C (441 °F; 500 K) 100 mmHg
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Palmitic acid
Stearic acid
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Heptadecanoic acid, or margaric acid, is a saturated fatty acid. Its molecular formula is CH3(CH2)15COOH. It occurs as a trace component of the fat and milkfat of ruminants,[2] but it does not occur in any natural animal or vegetable fat at high concentrations.[3] Salts and esters of heptadecanoic acid are called heptadecanoates.


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