Henry McHenry (baseball)

Henry Lloyd McHenry (April 3, 1910 - February 9, 1981) was an American right-handed pitcher and outfielder in Negro league baseball from 1930 to 1951.

He was nicknamed "El Chato" ("Cream"). During his career he played for the Kansas City Monarchs, New York Harlem Stars, Newark Browns, Pennsylvania Red Caps of New York, New York Black Yankees, Philadelphia Stars and Indianapolis Clowns. He also played baseball in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other countries in Central and South America.[1] He was born in Houston, Texas.

He is listed 8th on the pitching leader board for wins above team with 16.07841, just under Satchel Paige with 17.75274.[2] He had a 69-50 career record.

Charlie Biot called him a "damn good pitcher" in the book The Negro Leagues Revisited: Conversations with 66 More Baseball Heroes by Brent P. Kelley.[3] Tom Johnson recalled in I Will Never Forget: Interviews with 39 Former Negro League Players, also by Brent P. Kelley, that Henry McHenry "was one of [the Philadelphia Stars'] stellar righthanded pitchers." [4]

He pitched for the Minot Mallards of the ManDak League in 1951, until he was released on June 25 (record 0-1).[5]

Henry McHenry died in Brooklyn, New York as a result of pneumonia following surgery. He is survived by his wife Guillermina, his daughters Deanna and Lydia, and two grandchildren who all live in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn.


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