Henrique Teixeira Lott

Field marshal
Henrique Teixeira Lott
Henrique Teixeira Lott
Minister of War
In office
25 August 1954  15 February 1960
President Café Filho
Carlos Luz
Nereu Ramos
Juscelino Kubitschek
Preceded by Euclides Zenóbio da Costa
Succeeded by Odílio Denys

Henrique Batista Duffles Teixeira Lott (November 16, 1894 - May 19, 1984) was a Brazilian military and political figure.[1]

A former military attache in the United States, Lott was promoted to General in 1944. After President Getúlio Vargas' suicide in 1954, his successor Café Filho appointed Lott, known for his loyalty to the constitutional government, Minister of War. After Filho's resignation for health reason on November 9, 1955 (with less than three months of his term left), President of the Chamber of Deputies Carlos Luz assumed the Presidency, as President-elect Juscelino Kubitschek and Vice President-elect João Goulart were to be inaugurated next January. As the military itself were bitterly divided politically, there were fears that part of it, with support of President Luz, would attempt to prevent elected leaders from taking office. Lott played a key role in a so-called "Revolution of November 11", outsing Luz after just three days in power, and installing next in line Senate First Vice President Nereu Ramos until Kubitschek and Goulart were sworn in.

Lott continued to serve as Minister under Kubitschek administration. In 1960, by now Marshal placed in reserve, he was term-limited President's hand picked choice, running under Social Democratic and Labour banner and was defeated by Jânio Quadros in landslide. However his running mate, Vice President Goulart, was elected (at the time, Brazilian President and Vice President were elected separately).

After Quadros' surprising resignation just seven months in office, Marshal Lott sided with those supporting Goulart's right to Presidency. After 1964 military coup Lott retired from public life, displeased with his colleagues ousting a legal government.


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