Helicópteros del Sureste

An AgustaWestland AW139 of Helisureste.

Helicópteros del Sureste (English: South East Helicopters) (also called Helisureste) is a helicopter service based in Muchamiel, Alicante, Spain.


Helicópteros del Sureste is currently the primary responsibility of the "On-Shore" division of the INAERgroup.[1][2]

The company provides a variety of services:

Helicópteros del Sureste obtained a Declaration of Competence to provide scheduled passenger service. Since 1996, they have operated the liner Ceuta-Málaga service from the (Ceuta Heliport and Málaga Airport).

Each year they carry over 20,000 passengers in next-generation aircraft. The company was the first to offer flights from the Algeciras Heliport, providing crucial links through the Strait of Gibraltar.[3] It also runs the Malta-Gozo helilink.[4]



Notable employees

The company employed or contracted Mykola Melnyk, a Chernobyl hero helicopter pilot from Ukraine, using his expertise in piloting the Soviet-made Kamov helicopters.[5]


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