Hejaz Railway Museum

Refurbished terminal station of the Hejaz Railway in downtown Madinah.

The Hejaz Railway Museum (Arabic: متحف سكة الحجاز) in Medina is a railway museum that was opened in 2006.[1] It is on the grounds[2] of the restored[3] historic Ottoman railway station at Medina, locally called "Istasyun", including a stretch of the historic track and a train shed[4] with originally four tracks. There are several engines and pieces of rolling stock on display, some of which has been transported to the museum from other places along the historic Hejaz railway line. At least one engine has been restored enough to be driveable on the museum tracks. It is, along with the old train station at Mada'in Saleh, one of two museums in Saudi Arabia dedicated to the Hejaz railway.


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