Hed Kandi

Hed Kandi
Industry Music
Founded 1999
Products House/disco music cds, events
Parent Ministry of Sound
Website www.hedkandi.com

Hed Kandi is a UK-based record label, events and music brand. Its back catalogue includes both artist albums and dance music compilations.


A Record Label founded in 1999 at Jazz fm Radio Stations' Enterprise Division by Mark Doyle who proposed the initial idea and created the name, concept and track listings, Hed Kandi was a stable mate to Jazz fm Records.[1] Its live events quickly gained popularity with a residency in Ibiza at el Divino and by having its own specialist radio show on Jazz FM. In 2002, Hed Kandi had gathered enough momentum from its Ibiza nights to launch a regular residency at Pacha in London.

Two of the most notable DJ's that have worked for Hed Kandi was Andy Norman and Steve Krafft, After the purchase by Ministry of Sound they set of to start the brand 'Original Dj's'.

In January 2006, Hed Kandi was purchased by Ministry of Sound.[2]


Since its inception in 1999, Hed Kandi has developed from hosting small boutique parties to staging more than 500 events annually.[3] It has a number of residences in Dubai, Amsterdam, US, Frankfurt, Thailand and the UK. Hed Kandi has hosted events at renowned venues including Es Paradis Ibiza, Nikki Beach Miami, Pacha London the Muziekgebouw Concert Hall in Amsterdam, And Solo Bar in Koh Samui


The Hed Kandi radio show is the most popular show on Ministry of Sound radio's 24/7 service and is syndicated on various stations around the world. It is available to listen to on the websites of both Ministry of Sound and Hed Kandi. A separate version broadcasts weekly on Kiss FM.


Hed Kandi has sold more than 5 million compilation albums to date.[4] The principal genre is soulful, vocal house although other dance music genres are also covered. The album covers have a distinctive illustrative form and belong to a series.

A Taste Of

Back To Love

Beach House


Deep House

Disco Heaven

Disco Kandi

Hed Kandi The Mix

Kandi Lounge

Nu Cool

Nu Disco

Serve Chilled

Stereo Sushi

Twisted Disco

Twisted House (2013)

Winter Chill



Hed Kandi albums are generally recognizable by their illustrations of a female dancing/clubbing/on the beach, accompanied by Hed Kandi's logo and the album name.The original illustrations were created by Jason Brooks and the original logo was designed by Ryan Hughes.


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