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Havoc Brothers Official
Background information
Origin Malaysia
  • Rap
  • Pop
  • Tamil Folk
  • Love
Years active 2008–present
Labels Universal
Universal Music
Members Mathan

Havoc Brothers is a Malaysian crew of two brothers which compose and produce songs. They have composed over forty songs since 2008


Havoc Brothers is a singing crew started in 2008 in Malaysia and it is produced by notable singers Mathan and Naven who are siblings, currently blasting the stages in Malaysia and Singapore.


In February 2015 their 3rd album "Intha Vechiko" which consist of 10 songs was released. The album was first sold in Batu Caves. The albums was also distributed for sale in states at Malaysia at Johor Bahru, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Pinang and Kedah. The reviews were very positive and the songs were also great and popluar in Malaysia

Music Videos

Havoc Brothers also did a video song titled "Kadhalan" the male version of their song "Kadhali". The video was produced by S.O.G Productions(Soul Of G-Town Productions) and directed by Praatib Bascaran based on a story of a girl in love who was too stressed and her ego leads to mental illness. The video was released on 5 December 2014 which gained 10,000 views in a day and 390,000 viewers in 150 days. Current view as of 16/17/2016 is 764,345

Havoc Brothers also released a music video called "Havoc Paati Swag" on 14/07/2016 for Mathan's birthday. The song reached 30,000 views in a day and has a very good reviews.

Gender Equality

Havoc Brothers also did a "folk" song tributing for the transgenders named "Thirunangai [Daughter of GOD] became very popular among all ages and transgender people in Malaysia and Singapore. There was a article written on 23 June 2013 by Malaysia Tamil newspaper praising Havoc Brothers for composing a song for the transgenders.

Songs Composed

No Songs Language Singer Albums/Singles
01. Lepak Kuddengeh[1] Tamil/Malay Mathan & Naven "Lepak Kuddengeh" Album
02. Unmela Kadhal[2] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
03. Unakaageh Kathirukeh[3] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
04. Mannil Manithan Pirakayil Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
05. Kadhal Tappu Tavaru[4] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
06. Nanbendaa Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
07. Oru Penn Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
08. Senjuu Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
09. Angry Bird[5] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
10. Ninaithu Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
11. Buon Compleanno[6] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
12. Cintaku Buta 1.0[7] Tamil Mathan Singles
13. Mazhaiyeah[8] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
14. Stranger Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
15. Savadi Sareke Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
16. KL Sareke[9] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
17. KL Havoc Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
18. Cintaku Buta 2.0[10] Tamil Mathan Singles
19. Ais Cream Soda Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
20. Thirunangai[11] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
21. Kannaley Kollathey[12] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
22. Kottai Muniyah[13] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
23. Sandiyar Kathai Original Version[14] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
24. Sandiyar Kathai Clean Version Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
25. Kadhali[15] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
26. Merdeka Song Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
27. Kadhalan[16] Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
28. Adiyeh Pulleh[17] Tamil Mathan & Naven "Intha Vechiko" Album
29. Cintaku Buta 3.0[18] Tamil Mathan "Intha Vechiko" Album
30. Intro Tamil Mathan & Naven "Intha Vechiko" Album
31. Outro Tamil Mathan & Naven "Intha Vechiko" Album
32. Pappa Tamil Mathan & Naven "Intha Vechiko" Album
33. Somberi Tamil Mathan & Naven "Intha Vechiko" Album
34. Kadhal Kondomeh Tamil Mathan & Naven "Intha Vechiko" Album
35. Playgirl Tamil Mathan & Naven "Intha Vechiko" Album
36. Mooteh Tamil Mathan & Naven "Intha Vechiko" Album
37. Teendi Pogirai Tamil Mathan & Naven "Intha Vechiko" Album
38. 9 to 5 (A full-time love story) Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
39. Ithu Enge Ooru - (Song from Mayangathey movie) Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
40. Havoc Paati Swag Tamil Mathan & Naven Singles
41. Nanbanukaghe[19] Tamil Mathan Singles


Movie Language Country
Mayangaathey[20] Tamil Malaysia

Personal life

Mathan and Naven from Havoc Brothers music team are actually sibblings in real life.

Mathan was the first child and Navendramoorthy is the second child in their family. Mathan has studies Logistic & Management and Naven has finished his Diploma in Medical Lab in 2014. They currently stay in Johor Bharu, Skudai with their family.


A video[21] made by Unknown the past member of Havoc Brothers made many heated disscussion and arguments. In the video it was said that current members of Havoc Brother has steal the songs he had composed. Which came out to be not genuine. In the end it was found that Havoc Brothers produces songs with their own lyrics.

On February 2015 when their 3rd album was released in Batu Caves for sale out of jealousy opposition party exchanged violent and also, it was that opposition people created rumors that one of the member of Havoc Brothers having HIV and edited a photo them and started circularating them around. To proof this wrong Mathan & Naven members of Havoc Brothers created a video[22] saying that they did not expect such act from their haters and they are sorry if they have hurt other people's feeling by their songs and also stated that the photo that has been circulating around is counterfeit if not he could not have been working in Singapore. And also told all his fans not to pass the message around.


Year Category Results
2015 D Imman Live Malaysia(Kadhali Song Chosen)[23]Won
2016 VIMA Awards Best Tamil/Punjabi Nominated
2016 VIMA Awards Best Act in the Universe Nominated


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