Harusindan was the third king of the Gilites, ruling briefly in 921. He was the son of Tirdadh, who was the first king of the Gilites during the 10th century, but later died and was succeeded by another Gilite named Lili ibn al-Nu'man, who was from another clan. Harusindan also had a sister who married a Dailamite nobleman named Ziyar, and together they had a son named Mardavij, who would later create the Ziyarid dynasty.

After the death Lili in 921, Harusindan ascended the Gilite throne. However, a group of Gilites and Dailamites shortly planned to kill the Alid ruler Abu Muhammad Hasan ibn Qasim. However, Abu Muhammad eventually found out about the conspiracy, and had Harusindan killed, who was shortly succeeded by the Farawand chieftain Khushkiya. However, Khushkiya's rule was brief; the kingship shortly returned to Harusindan's son Siyahgil. Harusindan also had another son named Shahrakawayh, who had a son named Ziyar ibn Shahrakawayh.


Preceded by
Lili ibn al-Nu'man
King of the Gilites
Succeeded by

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