Harris + Hoole

Harris + Hoole Ltd.
Limited company
Industry Hospitality
Founded 2012
Founders Andrew Tolley
Nick Tolley
Laura Tolley
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Number of locations
43 (2016)
Area served
United Kingdom
Key people
Sam Wignell, Chief operating officer
Products Coffee, tea, soft drinks
Owner Tesco
Website www.harrisandhoole.co.uk

Harris + Hoole is a British coffeehouse company headquartered in London. It was established in 2012 by Andrew, Nick and Laura Tolley, with investment from the British supermarket chain Tesco. The Harris + Hoole name comes from two coffee-loving characters in Samuel Pepys' diary.

In February 2016, Tesco purchased the remaining 51% holding in the company that it did not already own to take full control of the business.[1] It reached an agreement in June 2016 to sell the company to Caffè Nero.[2][3]


The business was launched in 2012 by Nick, Laura and Andrew Tolley, with the retailer Tesco taking a 49% stake in the business.[4] Tesco's investment in the company was controversial, as Harris + Hoole appeared to be an independent chain competing with the major companies Starbucks and Costa Coffee.[5] Tesco owned 49% of the company, with Andrew, Nick and Laura Tolley owning the remaining 51% of shares.[6] The Tolleys quit the running of the business in July 2015, in order to concentrate on their Taylor St Baristas chain.[7]

In April 2015, Ethical Consumer ranked Harris + Hoole the lowest in an assessment of the social and environmental impacts of coffee shops. According to Ethical Consumer the company did not provide information on any ethical, environmental or supply chain policies, and used a direct trade model of sourcing from farmers which did not give the same kind of price support as Fairtrade. In response Harris + Hoole stated that their direct trade supplier sourced high quality coffee and aimed to create sustainable livelihoods for small scale farmers.[8]

Tesco purchased the 51% holding in the company it did not already own in February 2016.[1] On 23 June 2016 Tesco announced that it intends to sell the company to Caffè Nero in order to focus on its core UK business.[9]


In March 2014, the company announced it planned to increase its number of shops to 60.[10] In August that year, it announced that six unprofitable shops would be closed, leaving 41 in operation.[11] As of April 2016, the chain has 43 coffee shops.[12]


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