Harold Oldroyd

Harold Oldroyd was a British entomologist, born in 1914. He specialised in the biology of flies, and wrote many books, especially popular science that helped entomology to reach a broader public. His The Natural History of Flies is considered to be the "fly Bible". Although his speciality was the Diptera, he acknowledged that they are not a popular topic: "Breeding in dung, carrion, sewage and even living flesh, flies are a subject of disgust...not to be discussed in polite society". It was Oldroyd who proposed the idea of hyphenating the names of true flies (Diptera) to distinguish them from other insects with "fly" in their names. Thus, the "house-fly", "crane-fly" and "blow-fly" would be true flies, while the "dragonfly", "scorpion fly" and so on belong to other orders. He also debunked the calculation that a single pair of house-flies, if allowed to reproduce without inhibitions could, within nine months, number 5.6×1012 individuals, enough to cover the Earth to a thickness of 14.3 m (47 ft). Oldroyd calculated that such a layer would only cover Germany, but remarked "that is still a lot of flies".

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Taxa named by Oldroyd

Andrenosoma cornuta Oldroyd, 1972
Apterachalcus borboroides (Oldroyd, 1956)
Apterodromia Oldroyd
Betrequia ocellata Oldroyd
Dipseliopoda biannulata (Oldroyd, 1953)
Entisia tarsata Oldroyd, 1968
Heteropogon asiaticus Oldroyd, 1963
Lamyra greatheadi Oldroyd
Lamyra rossi Oldroyd
Melanothereva blackmani Oldroyd, 1968
Oxynoton arnaudi Oldroyd
Pachyrrhiza argentata Oldroyd, 1968
Stiphrolamyra rubicunda Oldroyd, 1947

Taxa named after Oldroyd (not all are still valid)

Amblypsilopus oldroydi (Haider, 1957)
Gigantosciapus oldroydi Grichanov, 1997
Irwiniella oldroydi Lyneborg, 1976
Sciapus oldroydi Haider, 1957

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