Hardfloor in 2007
Background information
Origin Cologne, Germany
Genres Hard trance, techno, acid trance, electronica
Years active 1991–present
Members Oliver Bondzio
Ramon Zenker

Hardfloor is a German electronic music duo, consisting of Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker. Their most famous track is "Acperience 1" (often titled more simply as "Acperience" on many compilation albums).

Their distinctive acid house sound is attributed to their skill at manipulating Roland TB-303 bass synthesisers, using up to six of these machines at once. Their UK chart hits include "Hardtrance Acperience" (1992), "Trancescript" (1993) and the remix of the aforementioned "Acperience" (1997).[1] Their 1996 album, Home Run, peaked at #68 in the UK Albums Chart.[1]



TB Resuscitation 1993 Harthouse
Respect 1994 Harthouse
Home Run 1996 Harthouse
The Best Of Hardfloor 1997 Eye Q Records
All Targets Down 1998 Harthouse
So What?! 2000 Harthouse
4 Out Of 5 Aliens Recommend This 2005 www.hardfloor.de
Compiler 1.0 2006 www.hardfloor.de
The Life We Choose 2007 www.hardfloor.de
Two Guys Three Boxes 2010 www.hardfloor.de
The Art Of Acid 2014 www.hardfloor.de

Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk

Hardfloor also released albums under the pseudonym Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk. These songs tend toward the chillout and lounge genres.

Electric Crate Digger 1999 Studio !K7
Take Off Da Hot Sweater 2002 Combination Records
Lost & Found 2003 Combination Records
The Chearleaders Are Smilin' At You 2009 Mole Listening Pearls

Mix albums compiled by Hardfloor

Hardfloor presents X-MIX: Jack The Box 1998 Studio K7
Our Acid Experience 2006 www.hardfloor.de
Tales Of The Unexpected 3 - Mixed By Hardfloor 2008 Platipus Records

Singles and EPs

"Let Da Bass Go" 1991 Eye Q Records
"Drug Overlord" 1992 Eye Q Records
"Hardtrance Acperience EP" 1992 Harthouse
"Trancescript" 1993 Harthouse
"Into The Nature" 1994 Harthouse
"Funalogue Mini Album" 1994 Harthouse
"Mr. Anderson" / "Fish & Chips" 1994 Harthouse
"Mahogany Roots" 1994 Harthouse
"Respect" 1994 Harthouse
"Respected Remixes" 1995 Harthouse
"Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk?" 1995 Harthouse
"Strikeout" 1996 Harthouse
"Beavis At Bat" 1996 Harthouse
"Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk? Volume 2" 1997 Harthouse
"Hardfloor Will Survive" (collaboration with Phuture) 1998 Harthouse
"Skill Shot" 1999 Harthouse
"Smash The Gnat" 2000 Harthouse
"Communication To None" 2001 Harthouse
"Underexposed Above Average" 2001 Harthouse
"Alphabetical" / "Received Files" / "Me Too" 2003 www.hardfloor.de
"Da Revival" / "Hubbub Rub" 2004 www.hardfloor.de
"Soulful Spirit" / "Mrs. Broflovski" 2004 www.hardfloor.de
"Murano" / "Joppiemuffler" 2004 www.hardfloor.de
"Groupie Love" / "Plasticacid" / "Jack the House" 2005 www.hardfloor.de
"T 2 Da C" (Da Remixes) 2005 www.hardfloor.de
"Devils & Donuts" / "Who Took Da Box?" 2006 www.hardfloor.de
"Tugger" / "Butterflies in Bottermelk" 2006 www.hardfloor.de
"Hitchhiker Habits" / "Blueprint" (by Rob Acid) 2006 www.hardfloor.de
"707" (by Andreas Andreas) / "It's Him, It's Him" 2007 www.hardfloor.de

Selected Hardfloor remixes


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