Hansheiri Inderkum

Hansheiri Inderkum (born 9 June 1947 in Altdorf, Switzerland) is a Swiss politician from the Christian Democratic People's Party of Switzerland (CVP). From 1995 to 2011 he represented the canton of Uri in the Council of States.[1]

From 2010 to 2011 Inderkum served as the President of the Council of States.[1]


A professional lawyer, Inderkum was elected to the council of Altdorf (1979-1981), where he served as mayor (1980-1981). From 1984 to 1996 he worked for the CVP in Uri district, which he presided over in 1992-1993. In the 1995 elections he was elected to the Council of States for the canton of Uri, being re-elected in 1999, 2003, and 2007. Inderkum was also president of the Uri CVP (1982-1989).[1]

Inderkum is married and has two children. He lives in Altdorf and works as a lawyer and notary.[1]


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Preceded by
Erika Forster-Vannini
President of the Council of States
Succeeded by
Hans Altherr
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