Hamsiraji Marusi Sali

Hamsiraji Sali

Abu Sayyaf member
Born unknown date
unknown location
Died April 8, 2004
Basilan, Philippines

Hamsiraji Marusi Sali (died 2004) was a member of the Abu Sayyaf Group. He was wanted in the Philippines for at least twenty kidnappings, and wanted in the United States for three kidnappings and two murders.[1][2]

Sali was killed, along with five accomplices, in a shootout with Philippine Army Scout Rangers under the command of Colonel Noel S. Buan on Basilan on 8 April 2004.[3][4] One soldier was killed and three wounded in this action.

Three Filipino civilians, who provided information that was of some help in finding Sali, shared a US$1 million reward on 25 October 2004.[5]


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