Hacı Halil Pasha

This is an Ottoman Turkish style name. Halil is the given name, the title is Pasha, and there is no family name.
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
In office
21 August 1716  26 August 1717
Monarch Ahmed III
Preceded by Silahdar Ali Pasha
Succeeded by Nişancı Mehmet Pasha
Personal details
Died 1733
Crete, Ottoman Empire
now Greece
Nationality Ottoman
Military service
Battles/wars Austro-Turkish War of 1716–18

Hacı Halil Pasha was an Ottoman Grand vizier. His ephitet Hacı means "pilgrim".

Early years

He was of Albanian origin, and rose through the Bostancı corps. In 1694, he resigned and went to Baghdad (now in Iraq) as the subordinate of the Baghdad governor. In 1711 he was promoted to the overall command of the Bostancı corps (Bostancıbaşı) and in 1716 to the post of beylerbey the Erzurum Eyalet. However he didn’t serve in Erzurum due to the outbreak of the Austro-Turkish War of 1716–18, being reassigned to serve in Belgrade (now in Serbia).[1]

Grand Vizier

During the decisive Battle of Petrovaradin on 5 August 1716, the grand vizier Silahdar Ali Pasha was killed. Upon the suggestion of the commanders, the sultan appointed Halil Pasha as the new grand vizier. Next year he campaigned to aid Belgrade, which was being besieged by the Austrian army. However Eugene of Savoy of Austria defeated Halil Pasha and captured Belgrade. After this defeat he was dismissed from the post on 26 August 1717.

Later years

Although he was sentenced to death, he hid himself in İstanbul. On 7 June 1720 he was discovered, but with the help of his partisans he was pardoned. In 1727, he became the governor of the Sanjak of Eğriboz in central Greece, and in the next year he was appointed to the governorship of Crete, where he died in 1733.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Silahdar Ali Pasha
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
21 August 1716 – 26 August 1717
Succeeded by
Nişancı Mehmet Pasha
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