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HCNG (or H2CNG) is a mixture of compressed natural gas and 4–9 percent hydrogen by energy.[1] It may be used as a fuel gas for internal combustion engines[2][3][4] and home appliances. HCNG dispensers can be found at Hynor (Norway) Thousand palms and Barstow,[5] California, Fort Collins, Colorado (all US), Chongqing[6] and Shanxi (China),[7][8][9] Pico Truncado (Argentina),[10] Islamabad (Pakistan),[11][12] Dunkerque (France),[13][14] Gothenburg Sweden, Rio de Janeiro[15] (Brazil), Emilia-Romagna,[16][17] Lombardia[18][19] (Italy), Dwarka and Faridabad (Delhi), India[20][21][22] and the BC hydrogen highway in Canada.

HCNG for mobile use is premixed at the hydrogen station.


In the town of Nes on the island of Ameland in the Netherlands, a four-year (2008-2011) field test was carried out where 20% hydrogen was added to the local distribution net supplying a complex of 14 apartments.[23] The appliances involved were kitchen stoves, condensing boilers, and micro-CHP boilers.[24]

The use of existing natural gas pipelines for HCNG was studied by NaturalHy.[25]

To get the most out of an internal combustion engine in transportation if higher levels of hydrogen are added, modifications have to be made to the engine and the control strategy.[26][27][28] The hydrogen in the blend leads to lower CO2 emissions.[29]

Codes and Standards

The National Fire Protection Association 52 presently covers CNG and hydrogen fueling stations. Blends with < 20% hydrogen by volume are treated identically to CNG.[30] For the use of blends with more than 30[31]-40 % of hydrogen in volume[32] decision support tools[33] for the design are used to ensure safe use.

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