Gymnastics at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Men's vault

Men's vault
at the Games of the XXIV Olympiad
   East Germany
   South Korea
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These are the results of the men's vault competition, one of eight events for male competitors in artistic gymnastics at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. The qualification and final rounds took place on September 18, 20 and 24th at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall.



Eighty-eight gymnasts competed in the vault event during the compulsory and optional rounds on September 18 and 20. The eight highest scoring gymnasts advanced to the final on September 24. Each country was limited to two competitors in the final. Half of the points earned by each gymnast during both the compulsory and optional rounds carried over to the final. This constitutes the "prelim" score.


Rank GymnastGymnast C O C+O Prelim Final Total
 Lou Yun (CHN) 9.9009.95019.8509.9259.95019.875
 Silvio Kroll (GDR) 9.8509.95019.8009.9009.96219.862
 Park Jong-Hoon (KOR) 9.8509.75019.6009.8009.97519.775
4  Dian Kolev (BUL) 9.8009.85019.6509.8259.91219.737
5  Holger Behrendt (GDR) 9.8009.90019.7009.8509.80019.650
6  Sergei Kharkov (URS) 9.8509.95019.8009.9009.70019.600
7  Yukio Iketani (JPN) 9.9009.75019.6509.8259.70019.525
8  Vladimir Gogoladze (URS) 9.9009.85019.7509.8759.63719.512


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