State of Guzhu
c. 1600 BC–664 BC
Capital Not specified
Government Monarchy
   Established c. 1600 BC
   Conquered by Yan 664 BC
Preceded by
Shang Dynasty

Guzhu (Chinese: 孤竹; pinyin: Gūzhú) was a vassal state of the Shang and Zhou dynasties located in the vicinity of modern Tangshan, Hebei province. The kingdom was tribal in origin and had close relations with King Tang of Shang. During the Western Zhou dynasty, the Lichi and Shanrong tribes rose up in the north-west and north-east respectively, causing concerns to Guzhu's southern neighbors: the states of Qi and Yan. In 664 BC, Guzhu, already weakened, was conquered by a Qi-Yan coalition during an expedition against the Shanrong.

Guzhu rulers

Posthumous name Name Period as leader
Six former kings unclear
Fu Ding (父丁) Motai Zhuyou (墨胎竹猷)
Ya Wei (亞微) Motai Chu (墨胎初)
Ya Ping (亞憑) Motai Feng (墨胎馮)
Later kings cannot be confirmed

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