Gusi Peace Prize

Gusi Peace Prize
Awarded for To honor contributions to global peace and progress
Location Manila
Country Philippines
Presented by Gusi Peace Prize International
First awarded 2002
Official website

The Gusi Peace Prize is a private[1] award given by the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation, based in Manila, Philippines. The Gusi Peace Prize recognizes individuals and organizations who have contributed to global peace and progress through a wide variety of fields. The awards ceremonies are held yearly in Manila, Philippines, on the fourth Wednesday of November.[2]

In addition to the award, the foundation is said to conduct charity and medical outreach in different provinces in the Philippines[3]

The Gusi Peace Prize is referred to in Presidential Proclamation No. 1476[4] signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, declaring every fourth Wednesday of November as the 'Gusi Peace Prize International Friendship Day'.

The Gusi Peace Prize was founded by its now chairman Barry Gusi as a way to continue the work of his late father, Gemeniano Javier Gusi, said to be a World War II guerrilla who fought against the Japanese and later became a politician and human rights advocate.


The Gusi Peace Prize Foundation is non-stock, non-profit and non-secular. It is registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission in Manila,[5] Philippines. Its main objective is to confer awards of recognition to individuals or groups who have contributed to peace and respect for human life and dignity. The foundation recognizes achievements in a wide range of fields.[6]


"To honor individuals and organizations who have given exemplary contributions to Global Peace and Progress, through international brotherhood and friendship, and by using their God-given talents for the benefit of mankind; To champion human rights and maintain governance, democracy, equality, international peace and goodwill."[7]


"A World of Peace and Prosperity due to The Gusi Peace Prize Ideals (Godliness-Unification-Service-Internationalism) totally embraced by all nations."[7]


The awarding ceremony is held annually every fourth Wednesday of November (The Gusi Peace Prize International Friendship Day). The event is held at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila. Recipients must be present to receive the award, except for extreme circumstances such as health or accident. To showcase international cultures, traditional performers from different countries take stage during the awards ceremonies. Before the conclusion of the event, a Dove Ceremony takes place where a dove is set free on stage to symbolize world peace.



2015 Laureates Country Award category
Ex. Pres. Antonio Eanes Portugal Statesmanship
Ex. Pres. Askar Akayev Kyrgyzstan Statesmanship & Scientific Research (Applied Mathematics & Optics)
Hon. Shykh Seraj Bangladesh Poverty Alleviation, Agriculture, Journalism
Ms. Nora Aunor Philippines International excellence in performing arts & cinema.
Dr. Huang Jiefu China

Human Rights

Dr. Susan Briggs U.S.A

International Medical Surgical Response

Dr. Alexander Chumakov Russia


Dr. Syunji Sano Japan

Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery

Hon. Ali Hamad Mohammed Said Efaifa Qatar

Poverty Alleviation & Job Creation

Doc. Ing. Petr Blížkovský PhD.[8] Czech Republic

International Diplomacy (United Nations)

Dr. Zuriyadda Sakipova Kazakhstan


Dr. Rob Verpoorte Netherlands

Scientific Research (Pharmacology)

Dr. Mary Pinder Australia

Medicine (Intensive Care, SARS and International Development)

Dr. Hans Lehrach Germany

Scientific Research ( Human Genome & Medical Systems Biology)

Dr. Zurab Vadachkoria Georgia

Medicine ; Academe & Research on Maxillo-facial Surgery ; and Internationalization of Medical Education

Hon. Hun Many Cambodia

Youth leadership, promoting the Communist Indochinese Youth activities in Cambodia [9]


2014 Laureates Country Award category
Vytautas Landsbergis Lithuania Statesmanship
Cynthia Villar Philippines Poverty Alleviation thru Livelihood Projects & Women Empowerment
Atiur Rahman Bangladesh Contributions as a Poor Man’s Economist
Saad Nahar Al-Baddah Almutairi Saudi Arabia For Human Rights of Overseas Workers and Anti-Corruption Advocacy
Manson Fok China Medicine (Esophageal & Laparoscopic Surgery), Medical Biotechnology Development & Philanthropy
Dominique Hoppe France Peacebuilding thru development of political & diplomatic networks & activities supporting human rights & fundamental freedoms.
Achyuta Samanta India Poverty Alleviation thru Education and Humanitarianism
Hans Koechler Austria Philosophy of Law
Parviz Pargari Iran Contribution in Interior Architectural Design
Yoshinory Asakawa Japan Academe and Research in Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science
Virima Mudogo DR Congo Humanitarianism & Scientific Research
Gerhard Bringmann Germany Humanitarianism & Scientific Research
Luigi Pellegrini Italy Innovation in Pharmacy and Telemedicine
Kasimierz Glowniak Poland Academe and Scientific Research (Pharmacognosy)


2013 Laureates Country Award category
Rajkeswur Purryag Mauritius Statesmanship
Emil Constantinescu Romania Statesmanship & Academe
Arnold Rüütel[10] Estonia Statesmanship
Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi Sudan Statesmanship
Bandar bin Sultan[11][12] Saudi Arabia Statesmanship & Academe
Catherine Atoki[13] Nigeria Human Rights Advocacy
Malek Jandali Syria Performing Arts (Composer & Pianist) & Humanitarianism
Orhan Güvenen[14] Turkey Economics & Strategic Research & Diplomacy
Raoul Weiler[14] Belgium Science and Technology
Glen Martin USA Philosophy of Human Liberation
Igor Kondrashin Russia Scientific Philosophy
Ferhat Mehenni Algeria,Kabylia Human Rights and Politics
Abdelmajid Amrani Algeria Philosophy
Jerome Binde France International Diplomacy and Foresight
Ahm Nouman[15] Bangladesh Poverty Alleviation and Humanitarianism
Yolanda Reyes Philippines Architecture & Academe


2012 Laureates Country Award category
Bertrand De Speville United Kingdom Anti-corruption
Hissah Bint Saad Abdulad Salem Al-Sabah Kuwait Women's Right
Benjamin Joses Odoki Uganda Social Justice
Yeung Kam John Yeung Sik Yuen Mauritius Social Justice
Deepika Priyadarshani[16] Sri Lanka Performing Arts
Naseer Shamma[17] Iraq Performing Arts
Liisa Kiianlinna Finland Social Justice
Ricardo Li Rosi Argentina Social Justice
James G. Dy Philippines Humanitarianism
Haji Ahmad Laksamana Bin Omar Malaysia Al-Quranic Research
Ana Flisser Mexico Scientific Research (Parasitology)
Felipe Guhl Colombia Scientific Research (Chagas Disease)
Timi Ecimovic Slovenia Academe
David Christner[18] USA Humanitarianism
Valery Dubrov Ukraine Scientific Research (Tuberculosis)
Fidel Julian Gutierrez Vivanco Peru Academe
Ricardoe Di Done Canada Children's Rights
Kent Wong Macau Humanitarianism
Boris Astafiev Russia Scientific Research (Physics)
Kostadin Hadzhigaev Bulgaria Governance


2011 Laureates Country

Award category

James R. Mancham[19][20] Seychelles Statesmanship
Amos Sawyer[21] Liberia Statesmanship
Begjhet C. Pacolli Kosovo Statesmanship
Thakur Powdyel Bhutan Academe
Mayankote Kelath Narayanan India Governance
Dr Jagdish Gandhi India Academe
Vladimir Megre[22] Russia Literature
Diana Uribe Colombia Journalism
Norman Inkster Canada Humanitarian Law
Phongsavath Boupha Laos Diplomacy
Phra Maha Vudhijaya Vajiramedhi Thailand Religion
Felino Palafox Philippines Architecture (Urban Planning Development)
Richard Ryan Ho Lung[23] Jamaica Humanitarianism
Viktor Medikov Russia Academe
Emanuel Jones USA Politics
Thomas Stern USA Humanitarianism
Yolanda Stern Philippines Social Services
Roland Mösl Austria Scientific Invention (PEGE)
Aykut Eken Turkey Social Services


2010 Laureates Country

Award category

Arnold Foote[24] Jamaica Peace and Mutual Understanding
Mary Chinery-Heese[25] Ghana Diplomacy
Michael Nobel Sweden Academe
Oliver Revell[26] USA International Law Enforcement and Peacekeeping
Mahinda Hathurusinghe[27] Sri Lanka Human Rights
Yank Barry Canada Social Services
Art Ong Jumsai[28] Thailand Academe
Lo Seng Chung China Social Services
Jivko Jelev Bulgaria Scientific Innovation
Rocky Evangelista[29] Philippines Social Services
Irinel Poppescu Romania Medicine (liver transplant)
Arne Veidung Norway Scientific Innovation
David Plattner USA Environment
Raoul Parienti France Scientific Innovation (Brail)
Walter Maibaum USA Arts Preservation
Demetri Argyropoulos[30] Greece Social Services
Rainer Krell Germany Agriculture


2009 Laureates Country

Award category

Bob Filner USA Legislation
Fuziah Raja Uda Malaysia Cultural Heritage Preservation
Lea Salonga[31] Philippines Performing Arts
Massimo Romagnoli Italy Politics
Alice Chiu Hong Kong Philanthropy
Charalambos Lambrou Cyprus Social Services
Timi Bakatselos Greece Social Services
Ho Son Fat Macau Medicine (Urology)
Natividad Mercedes Meza Paraguay Humanitarian Law
Surapee Rojanavongse Thailand Cultural Heritage Preservation
Liu Chi Chun Taiwan Social Services
Joseph A. Faller Philippines Social Services
Emil-Silvio Ciobata Romania Performing Arts
Alexey Steele USA Visual Arts
Silvia Scherer Switzerland Social Services
Christine M. Warnke USA Humanitarianism
Preciosa Soliven Philippines Academe
Ali Nasuh Mahruki Turkey Sports


2008 Laureates Country

Award category

Gus Bilirakis USA Legislation
Charles Njonjo Kenya Statesmanship
Tan Sri Pandikar Mulia Malaysia Legislation
Henry Lee USA Crime Investigation
Harold Thompson Australia Medicine
Antonio Lopez Philippines Journalism
James Boss Singapore Scientific Innovation
Cosme Naval Philippines Ophthalmology
Kevin Kwan Hong Kong Aquaculture
Rosario Uriarte Philippines Social Services
Dan Reinstein UK Ophthalmology
Rolf Schwind Germany Laser Industry
Giorgos Tasou Cyprus Social Services


2007 Laureates Country

Award category

Elias Camsik Chin Palau Statesmanship
Ney Robinson Suassuna Brazil Political Governance
Heherson Alvarez Philippines Public Service
Elmo Johnson Federated States of Micronesia Indigenous Rights
Michalos Constantine Greece Job Creation
Constancia de Guzman Philippines Anti-Graft & Corruption
Persida Rueda-Acosta Philippines Human Rights
George Bistis[32] USA Broadcast Journalism
Tae Sup Lee South Korea Social Services
Thomas Cheng Wai Yu Hong Kong Sports (martial arts)
Peter Schantz USA Medicine (Veterinary)
Farland Stanley[33] USA Archeology
Shigeru Suganami Japan Social Services
Thep Phongternith Thailand Academe
Yu Pang Lin China Social Services


The awards were presented by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, at Meralco Theater on 22 November 2006.

2006 Laureates Country

Award category

Fidel V. Ramos Philippines Statesmanship
Ram B. Jethmalani India Humanitarian Law
Supreme Master Ching Hai Vietnam Philanthropy
Tarmizi Taher Indonesia Religion
Carl T.C. Gutierrez Guam Public Service
Ioannis Lyras[34] Greece Humanitarianism (Plastic Surgery)
Datuk Ismail Mohammad Malaysia Social Services
Alan John Hackett New Zealand Sports (Bungee Jumping)
Katya Grineva Russia Performing Arts (Piano)
Bup Kwan South Korea Social Services
Felipe I. Tolentino Philippines Medicine (Ophthalmology)
Corsie Legaspi Philippines Social Services
Carlo J. Caparas Philippines Cinematic Excellence
Leung Ping Chung Hong Kong Academe
Wang Zushi China Cultural Heritage Preservation


2005 Laureates Country

Award category

Madeleine Z. Bordallo Guam Legislation
Edward S. Hagedorn Philippines Environment
Nikitas Lulias Greece Religion
Li Qi China Visual Arts
Dr. Sundaram Natarajan India Medicine (Ophthalmology)
George Dovellos Greece Social Services
Maria Coop Philippines Social Services
Anthony C. H. Wong Hong Kong Social Services
Gina Lopez Philippines Children's Rights
David T. Bussau New Zealand Social Services
Alexandra Prieto-Romualdez Philippines Humanitarianism
Malcolm William Prowse Australia Human Rights
Arlene Riccio USA Social Services
Jose Mari Chan Philippines Performing Arts


2004 Laureates Country

Award category

Rodolfo Quizon Philippines Cinematic Excellence
John Michael Quinata Guam Legislation
Gaudencio B. Rosales Philippines Religion
Feliciano Belmonte Jr. Philippines Politics
Hiro Kundamal India Social Services
Eugene Torre Philippines Sports (Chess)
Iichiro Ohhira Japan Scientific Discovery (Lactobacilli)
Mel Tiangco Philippines Broadcast Journalism
Douglas Maclagan UK Social Services
Fundador C. Soriano Philippines Broadcast Journalism
Lee Xiu Mien China Academe
Peter K. W. Fong Hong Kong Academe
Georg von Dziembowski Germany Engineering Technology (Nokia)


2003 Laureates Country

Award category

Fernando Poe, Jr. Philippines Cinematic Excellence
Maximo V. Soliven Philippines Journalism
Julita V. Sotejo Philippines Nursing
Carmen Fernandez Guam Academe
Jesse Anderson Lujan Guam Sports (Mr. Universe)
Rodolfo Biazon Philippines Legislation
Tomy Remengesau Palau Statesmanship
Gloria Gibbon Salii Palau Indigenous Rights
Enrique P. Syquia Malta Social Services
Teresita Ang See Philippines Human Rights
Mildred A. Go Philippines Academe
Julius Babao Philippines Broadcast Journalism
Fe del Mundo Philippines Medicine (Pediatrics)


2002 Laureates Country

Award category

Anthony Quinn USA Cinematic Excellence
Robert Barbers Philippines Human Rights
Aquilino Pimentel, Jr.. Philippines Politics
Angelo T. Reyes Philippines Social Services
Benjamin Abalos Philippines Social Services


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