?–c. 480 BCE
Capital Gumie (modern day Quzhou, Zhejiang)
Government Monarchy
Historical era Spring and Autumn period
   Established ?
  Conquered by King Goujian of Yue c. 480 BCE
   Disestablished c. 480 BCE
Succeeded by
Yue (state)

Gumie (Chinese: 姑蔑) was a small state during the Zhou dynasty and Spring and Autumn period (722–479 BCE) running from southwest of Yue, in China's modern day southwestern Zhejiang province, around the cities of Jinhua and Quzhou, to Yushan in northern Jiangxi Province. It is believed to be a remnant polity of the Dongyi people who populated much of Eastern China. It was conquered by King Goujian of Yue during the height of Yue expansionism, after which the area fell under Chu control after the fall of Yue to Chu. Eventually, the area was conquered by Qin after the conquest of Chu by Qin. Its ruling clan is believed to have been the same as that of Xu, that of Ying ().

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