Guitarra de golpe

Guitarra De Golpe

A vihuela (L) and guitarra de golpe (R) being played as part of a Mariachi orchestra.
String instrument
Other names Guitarra Colorada, Quinta De Golpe, Mariachera

String instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification
(Composite chordophone)
Developed Jalisco and Michoacán, Mexico
Related instruments

Mexican vihuela, Guitarrón mexicano, Huapanguera, Jarana huasteca, Guitar.
Standard Guitarra De Golpe tuning.

The Guitarra de golpe is a stringed musical instrument from Mexico. It has 5 nylon strings in 5 courses. The headstock usually has a traditional shape that is designed to look like a stylised owl. For a while during the 20th century, the Guitarra De Golpe fell into disuse in traditional Mariachi groups, and was replaced by the Classical guitar. It has now however been revived. It is still an essential part of the "conjuntos de arpa" from Michoacán.

Like the vihuela, it often only has a few frets, but unlike the Vihuela, the frets are made of metal or wood, instead of the vihuela's tied on nylon.


Standard Michoacán tuning: D3, G3, C4, E3, A3.

Tecalitlán tuning: D3, G3, B4, E3, A3.

Urbana Arriba tuning: G3, C4, E4, A3, D4.

Urbana Abajo tuning: G3, C4, E3, A3, D4.

Vihuela tuning: A3, D3, G3, B4, E3.


The Guitarra de Golpe has many names.


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