Guichi District

Guichi District (simplified Chinese: 贵池区; traditional Chinese: 貴池區; pinyin: Guìchí Qū) is a district of Anhui province, People's Republic of China under the jurisdiction of Chizhou City and the seat of the city government. The district has a population of 630,000 and an area of 2,432 km2 (939 sq mi).


As of 2011, Guichi County has jurisdiction over 11 subdistricts and 9 towns.




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Coordinates: 30°39′36″N 117°28′48″E / 30.66000°N 117.48000°E / 30.66000; 117.48000

Zhujia, Ruanqiao, Gaojiling have merged into a town named Qiujiang.

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