Gu (administrative division)

Revised Romanization gu
McCune–Reischauer ku
Autonomous district
Hangul 자치구
Hanja 自治區
Revised Romanization jachigu
McCune–Reischauer chach’iku
non-autonomous district
Hangul 일반구
Hanja 一般區
Revised Romanization ilbangu
McCune–Reischauer ilpanku

A district or gu is an administrative unit in South Korea. There are two kinds of districts in South Korea. One is the autonomous district of special and metropolitan cities which is a municipal entity similar to a city with its own mayor along with its own legislative council and the other is the non-autonomous district of municipal cities. Cities with over 500,000 people are allowed to have gu (notable exceptions to this rule are the cities of Gimhae, Hwaseong, and Namyangju).


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