Grubby Hands Limited

Grubby Hands Limited
Industry Video games
Founded May 2011
Headquarters United Kingdom
Products David Haye's Knockout
Boy Loves Girl
David Haye's Jungle Rumble

Grubby Hands Limited is an independent games company, best known for their iPhone title: David Haye’s Knockout. It is one of the five new companies started by former staff of Bizarre Creations following its closure in 2011.


In February 2011 Activision, the owners of Bizarre Creations, decided to close the studio, prompting a number of former Bizarre staff to set up separate development companies of varying sizes.

Grubby Hands was founded in May 2011 by Dr Danny Pearce, the former senior programmer at Bizarre Creations. Grubby Hands is a one-man-studio with Pearce filling the roles of programmer, games-designer, artist and animator.[1]


On 10 June 2011, Grubby Hands released their first iPhone game: David Haye’s Knockout following a four month development schedule and immediately topped the iPhone App Store Charts: reaching #1 in the Sports Chart, #3 in the Action Chart, #5 in the Games Chart and #8 in the App Chart. David Haye’s Knockout was made in association with David Haye, the former heavy weight and undisputed cruiser weight champion of the world, the game was released in conjunction with Haye's heavyweight unification title fight with Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg. The iPhone game caused much controversy within the press, specifically for the ability of the player to punch their opponent hard enough to decapitate them.[2][3][4][5][6]

On 1 August 2011, Grubby Hands started developing their second iPhone game Boy Loves Girl with its eventual release on 21 December 2011. Boy Loves Girl follows a young boy’s journey as he embarks on an epic adventure across vast lands in search for the ultimate gift to express his love for the girl he adores. One critic commented that it's "the perfect foil for the likes of Angry Birds ... I’ll remember Boy Loves Girl’s gazelle chases and its enemy clouds. I’ve already forgotten individual levels in Angry Birds."[7]

Following a re-release and redesigned update for David Haye's Knockout on 18 May 2012, Grubby Hands released a second[8] David Haye game in December 2012. David Haye's Jungle Rumble, which went immediately to the top of the charts.[9]

David Haye's Knockout

On 10 June 2011, Grubby Hands' released their first game David Haye’s Knockout on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

On its first release David Haye’s Knockout immediately topped the iPhone App Store Charts: reaching #1 in the Sports Chart, #3 in the Action Chart, #5 in the Games Chart and #8 in the App Chart.

On 18 May 2012, Grubby Hands re-released an updated version of David Haye’s Knockout. Within a week of releasing David Haye’s Knockout, the redesigned game had claimed the number one spot in the Games and Sports Charts and knocked the globally dominant ‘Angry Birds’ from the number one Arcade Chart position.

The new version features the British boxer David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye in action against an array of heavyweight opponents, including the big lump of lard 'D. Boy', strong and sharp 'Big Bro' and the hard as nails 'Little Bro'. This time round, Haye shows no remorse as he throws rapidly skilful combinations and a barrage of taunts to goad and overwhelm his foes and he even unveils a secret weapon when his opponents are almost out for the count!

Like their previous release, Grubby Hands' David Haye’s Knockout hit the newspaper for being controversial and provocative in the run up to Haye's grudge match with Dereck Chisora on 14 July 2012.[10]

Grubby Hands' success was also highlighted in the press after David Haye’s Knockout toppled the world famous Angry Birds from number one in the charts and topped the charts.[11]



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