Grow house

Cannabis plants found in a grow house

A grow house is a property, usually located in a suburban residential neighbourhood, that is primarily used for the production of marijuana, it may be used for the production of other plants such as Psilocybin mushrooms.[1]

The houses are typically outfitted with extensive hydroponic equipment to provide water, food, and light to the plants, and the houses themselves are usually kept in good condition to blend in with the neighbourhood. Illegal electrical hookups are a common feature of grow houses, to both save money and to make it harder for authorities to identify them due to their unusually high electrical usage.[2][3][4][5]

Law enforcement response

In the United Kingdom illegal cannabis growers usually bypass electric meter readers and "abstract" the electricity which is an offence in its own right. In the last ten years authorities in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America have become more aware of grow houses and have introduced policies focusing law enforcement, local government authorities, energy providers and landlords on disruption and detection of illegal grow houses . In the United Kingdom the Proceeds of Crime Bill targets criminal profits and unevidenced sources of income from convicted drug producers. Local media run regular stories advising local people on what to look out for including rarely visited properties with blacked out windows or with high levels of humidity on the inside. However, professional criminals are often able to defeat these efforts with the use of low-power lighting, activated charcoal filters, tube or inline fans, cooling systems and hydroponic systems.

In popular culture

In the second season of the TV series Weeds, the protagonist begins operating a grow house to better support her marijuana-selling operation.

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