Group 1 Automotive

Group 1 Automotive, Inc.
Traded as NYSE: GPI
CIK: 0001031203
Industry Car dealership
Founded 1995
Headquarters Houston, TX, U.S.
Key people
Earl J. Hesterberg (CEO)

Group 1 Automotive, Inc. (NYSE: GPI) is a Fortune 500 company, founded in 1985,[1] and became public in 1997. It has its headquarters in the One Memorial City Plaza building in the Memorial City district of Houston, Texas.[2][3]

As of 2013, Group 1 became the third largest automotive retailer in the United States[4] and as of 2016 the company owns 124 dealerships in 15 states across the USA, 18 in Brazil and 35 in the UK.[5][6]

The company is led by former Ford Motor Company executive, Earl J. Hesterberg.[7]


Group 1 Automotive has dealerships in Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Group 1 has acquired various UK dealers in 2012 to 2016, including: Barons Group, Chandlers Group, Essex Audi Group, Elms Group, Think Ford and most recently Spire Automotive.[8][6][9]

Group 1 purchased Brazilian Automotive Group in 2013.


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