Grossman Library

Grossman Library
Country United States of America
Type University library
Established 1964
Location Cambridge, Massachusetts
Branch of Harvard University
Website Grossman Library

Grossman Library, located on the third floor of Sever Hall in Harvard Yard, is the Harvard Extension School's primary library. It is part of the Harvard College Library, the library system of Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It is a reserve reading and study library, named in 1982 for alumnus and benefactor Edgar Grossman.[1]

The library was established in 1964 in Lehman Hall, along with study spaces, conferences rooms, library facilities, and a dining hall for Extension students.[2] In 1983–84 the library moved to Sever Hall and saw a doubling of usage to nearly 30,000 student visits, with 13,000 reserve books being circulated for in-library use.[3]

It has on permanent display a number of works from the famed artist Allan Rohan Crite, including a collection of sketches, The Revelation of Saint John the Divine, and illustrations.[4] Crite was a member of the class of 1968.


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