Green Lantern: Evil's Might

Green Lantern: Evil's Might

Cover to issue #1
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Mini-series
Publication date August - October 2002
Number of issues 3
Creative team
Writer(s) Howard Chaykin
David Tischman
Penciller(s) Marshall Rogers
Inker(s) John Cebollero
Colorist(s) Chris Chuckry

Green Lantern: Evil's Might is a three-issue American comic book mini-series published in 2002 by DC Comics in that company's Elseworlds imprint. It is written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman, and illustrated by the late Marshall Rogers.[1][2]

The story takes place in 1888 in New York City, and uses the infamous Boss Tweed as one of the main villains and Tammany Hall political machine as a plot device.[3]

Plot summary

The story retells Alan Scott's origin, with Kyle Rayner in the role of Scott. Set in New York City in the year 1888, political cartoonist Kyle Rayner, a.k.a. "Rain or Shine", discovers an old green lantern in a pawnshop one day. Inside the lantern is a magical green ring which, when charged, grants Kyle unlimited power. Becoming the Green Lantern, a symbol of hope for the downtrodden immigrant masses of New York, Kyle lashes back against the forces of Boss Tweed and the corrupt Tammany Hall, all the while romancing political suffragist Carol Ferris and dealing with psychopathic hoodlum Alan Scott and Carol's policeman fiancé, Hal Jordan.



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