Green Electronics Council

Green Electronics Council
Motto Inspiring and catalyzing environmental leadership throughout the lifecycle of electronic technologies
Formation 2005
Type Non-Profit
Purpose Environmental

227 SW Pine Street, Suite 300

Portland, Oregon 9720
Interim CEO
Scott Davis
Kent Snyder, J.D
Vice Chair
Alan Keith

Founded 2005 the Green Electronics Council (GEC) promotes green computing and "envisions a world where green electronics is a cornerstone of a healthy and vibrant world."[1]


GEC achieves this mission by supporting the production of consensus-based environmental leadership standards; by operating EPEAT, the definitive global rating system for greener electronics; and by convening global thought leaders in environmental design, strategy and marketing to envision more sustainable electronics design and delivery methods.[2]


The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) system assists in the purchase of "greener" PCs and Displays, Imaging Equipment and Televisions.[3] The EPEAT system evaluates electronics on more than 50 environmental criteria, some required and some optional, that measure a product's efficiency and sustainability attributes. Products are rated Gold, Silver or Bronze depending on how many optional criteria they meet. On 2007-01-24, President George W. Bush issued Executive Order 13423, which requires all United States Federal agencies to use EPEAT when purchasing computer systems.[4] President Barack Obama issued a similar Executive Order in 2009.[5] In 2012 EPEAT was launched in India. Since then a number of registered green devices has risen by 108%.[6]

In partnership with the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Engineering, in Sept. of 2008 GEC held a Forum for Sustainable Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at Yale.[7]

Catalyst Award

Green Electronics Councils Catalyst Award to Dell in 2015

Green Electronics Council hosts and presents annual Catalyst Award for "practical projects whose impact can inspire further innovation in the electronics space."[8] In the 2015 Dell received an award for their innovations in environmental safety of electronic production. During the 2014 calendar year Dell used 5000 tons of recycled plastic in its production of 34 products. Other notable nominees included Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, and Arrow Electronics.[9]

Emerging Green Conference

Emerging Green Conference is an annual event organized by Green Electronics Council, where technology leader meet to discus " advances, challenges and future of sustainable electronics."[10] Latest gathering happened in September 2015 where over 30 companies and organizations attended a two-day event at The Nines Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

Board of Directors[11]

Kent Snyder, J.D. - Chairman - Attorney at Law, Snyder & Associates P.C.

Alan Keith - Vice Chair - Vice President, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Carl Smith - Treasurer - CEO, Call2Recycle

Christine Ervin - Secretary - Principal, Christine Ervin/Company

Mike Biddle, PhD - President and Founder, MBA Polymers, Inc., USA

Amy Knight - Director of CSR, Hasbro, Inc.

Paul Anastas, PhD - Director, Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering

Kirsten Ritchie - Principal, Director of Sustainable Design, Gensler

Liz Gasster - Vice President, Business Roundtable

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