Great Steak

Great Steak and Potato Company
Industry Food
Founded 1982
Dayton, Ohio
Parent Kahala Brands

Great Steak (formerly Great Steak and Potato Company) is a chain of fast-food restaurants specializing in cheesesteaks and potato dishes. Great Steak is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kahala Brands of Scottsdale, Arizona. The chain was founded in Dayton, Ohio, in 1982. As of 2010, Great Steak had nearly 160 locations in the United States and abroad.[1]

In 2013, a controlling interest in Kahala Corp. was purchased by the Serruya Family of Canada. The Serruyas own and founded Yogen Fruz, a chain with 1400 stores around the world. At that time, Michael Serruya became Chairman and CEO of Kahala Corp. Shortly thereafter, Kevin Blackwell left the company. Today, the Serruya family has changed the company name from Kahala Corp to Kahala Brands to better align the focus of the business.


In 1930, a hot dog vendor in Philadelphia specifically in Little Italy look at his cart. He came to the conclusion that he was tired of hot dogs. In that case he decides to buy sliced steak. He grills it up with some onions and puts everything together in a bun. As he was about to eat it a man walked up to him and offered him a nickel. That exact moment is when their famous cheese-steaks came to be about. [2]


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