Great Mosque of Taza

Coordinates: 34°12′45.53″N 4°01′07.34″W / 34.2126472°N 4.0187056°W / 34.2126472; -4.0187056 The Great Mosque of Taza (Jamaa El-Kbir) is a religious building in the medina of Taza in Morocco. It is near the Bab er-Rih ("Gate of the winds").


The Great Mosque of Taza was built by the Almohad sultan Abd al-Mu'min in the period after 1142 CE. According to the Kitab el Istibsar, the walls were completed in 1172. The mosque was enlarged during the reign of the Marinid dynasty in 1292-1293.


The mosque is one of the oldest remaining examples of Almohad architecture. With the general public it is also known for its large chandelier (with inscription) weighing approximately 3 tons.

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