Gralla (instrument)


A gralla with a detached reed
Woodwind instrument
Other names Grall de pastor, xaramita, xirimita

Hornbostel–Sachs classification 422.12
(Double-reeded aerophone with conical tube.)
Related instruments

The gralla (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈɡɾaʎə]), also known as grall de pastor, xaramita o xirimita, is a traditional Catalan double reed instrument in the shawm family. Like the dolçaina from Valencia - a very similar instrument which many experts consider a variety of the gralla - the gralla comes from the ancient xeremies a medieval instrument largely used until the Baroque. Probably, the name of the instrument comes from its strident sound similar to the sound of a Jackdaw native to Catalonia and northern Spain and also called 'Gralla' in Catalan.

The gralla is also very popular because it is the traditional instrument used during the ascencion and descencion of human towers or castells and other traditional festivities. Usually it is played with the timbal, a percussion instrument similar to a drum.

The gralla player is called graller o grallaire

A gralla player or grallaire.



Closeup of the reeds used in gralles
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