Govinda II

Govinda II
Rashtrakuta Emperor
Reign c.774 – c.780 CE
Predecessor Krishna I
Successor Dhruva Dharavarsha
Dynasty Rashtrakuta
Father Krishna I
Rashtrakuta Emperors (753-982)
Dantidurga (735 - 756)
Krishna I (756 - 774)
Govinda II (774 - 780)
Dhruva Dharavarsha (780 - 793)
Govinda III (793 - 814)
Amoghavarsha (814 - 878)
Krishna II (878 - 914)
Indra III (914 -929)
Amoghavarsha II (929 - 930)
Govinda IV (930 – 936)
Amoghavarsha III (936 – 939)
Krishna III (939 – 967)
Khottiga Amoghavarsha (967 – 972)
Karka II (972 – 973)
Indra IV (973 – 982)
Tailapa II
(Western Chalukyas)

Govinda II (774–780 CE) was an emperor of the Rashtrakuta Empire after Krishna I.

The eldest son of Krishna I, Govinda II left the administration to his younger brother Dhruva Dharavarsha who also known as Nirupama. Apart from his dedication to sensual pleasures and an invasion of Vengi and the subsequent defeat of Eastern Chalukya ruler Vishnuvardhana IV (when his father Krishna I was still the Rashtrakuta emperor), not much is known about Govinda II.[1] It seems his younger brother Dhruva did most of the conquering as the empire had reached three times the size it was during the time of Krishna I. From the Paithan copper plate inscription that an attempt by Govinda II to regain his lost control over the empire with the help of neighboring Kings of Malwa, Kanchi and Vengi failed and that Dhruva Dharavarsha brought the empire firmly under his control.[2]


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Preceded by
Krishna I
Rashtrakuta Emperor
Succeeded by
Dhruva Dharavarsha

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