List of colonial governors and administrators of Seychelles

(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Term Incumbent Notes
French Suzerainty
Claimed for France by Lazare Picault, named Îles de La Bourdonnais
Subordinated to Île de France (Mauritius)
1744 to 1 November 1756None
Annexed by France (Îles de Séchelles), not settled until 27 August 1770
1 November 1756 to 27 August 1770None
27 August 1770 to 1772Jean-Charles de Launay de La Perrière, Commandant
1772 to 1775Joseph François Eugène Benjamin Anselme, Commandant
1775 to 1777Jean-Baptiste Le Roux de Kermeseven, Commandant
1778 to 1781Charles Routier de Romainville, Commandant
1781 to 1783Louis François Claude Berthelot de la Coste, Commandant
1783 to 1786François, vicomte de Souillac, Commandant
1786 to 1789Augustin Motais de Narbonne, Commandant
1789 to 1792Louis Jean Baptiste Philogène de Malavois, Commandant
1792 to 1793Charles Joseph Esnouf, Commandant
9 September 1793 to 17 May 1794Jean-Baptiste Quéau de Quincy, Governor
Îles de Séchelles occupied by United Kingdom (French administration continues to 17 May 1810)
17 May 1794 to 17 May 1810Jean-Baptiste Quéau de Quincy, Governor
British Suzerainty
British colony (subordinated to Mauritius)
17 May 1810 to 2 June 1811Jean-Baptiste Quéau de Quincy, Commissioner
2 June 1811 to 1812Bartholomew Sullivan, Commissioner
1812 to 1815Bibye Lasage, Commissioner
1815 to 1822Edward Henry Madge, Commissioner
1822 to 1837George Harrison, Commissioner
1837 to 1839Arthur Wilson, Commissioner
1839 to 1850Charles Augustus Etienne Mylius, Commissioner
1850 to 1852Robert William Keate, Commissioner
1852 to 1862Charles William Bhering, Viscount Bhering, Commissioner
1862 to 1868Swinburne Ward, Commissioner
1868 to 1874William Hales Franklyn, Commissioner
1874 to 1879Charles Spencer Salmon, Commissioner
1879 to 1880Arthur Elibank Havelock, Commissioner
1880 to 1882Francis Theophilus Blunt, Commissioner
1882 to 1888Arthur Cecil Stuart Barkly, Commissioner
1889 to 1895Thomas Risely Griffith, Administrator
1895 to August 1899Henry Cockburn Stewart, Administrator
August 1899 to 31 August 1903Ernest Bickham Sweet-Escott, Administrator
British crown colony
31 August 1903 to November 1903Ernest Bickham Sweet-Escott, Administrator
November 1903 to 1904Ernest Bickham Sweet-Escott, Governor
1904 to 1912Walter Edward Davidson, Governor
1912 to 1918Charles Richard Mackey O'Brien, Governor
1918 to 1922Eustace Edward Twistleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, Governor
1922 to 1927Sir Joseph Aloysius Byrne, Governor
May 1927 to November 1927Sir Malcolm Stevenson, Governor
1928 to 1934Sir de Symons Montagu George Honey, Governor
1934 to 1936Sir Gordon James Lethem, Governor
1936 to 5 January 1942Arthur Francis Grimble, GovernorFrom 1 January 1938, Sir Arthur Francis Grimble
5 January 1942 to July 1947William Marston Logan, GovernorFrom 8 June 1944, Sir William Marston Logan
July 1947 to 14 May 1951Sir Percy Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke, Governor
14 May 1951 to 1953Frederick Crawford, Governor
31 May 1953 to January 1958William Addis, GovernorFrom 9 June 1955, Sir William Addis
January 1958 to 13 August 1961John Kingsmill Thorp, GovernorFrom 13 June 1959, Sir John Kingsmill Thorp
January 1962 to 1967The 2nd Earl of Oxford and Asquith, Governor
1967 to 1969Sir Hugh Selby Norman-Walker, Governor
1969 to 12 November 1970Sir Bruce Greatbatch, Governor
Autonomy granted to the Seychelles
12 November 1970 to 1973Sir Bruce Greatbatch, Governor
1973 to 1 October 1975Colin Hamilton Allan, Governor
Self-rule granted to the Seychelles
1 October 1975 to 28 June 1976Colin Hamilton Allan, High Commissioner
29 June 1976Independence as Republic of Seychelles

For continuation after independence, see: List of Presidents of Seychelles

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