List of colonial governors and administrators of Saint Lucia

This is a list of viceroys in Saint Lucia from the first French settlement in 1650, until the island gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1979.

Governors of the French colony of Sainte Lucie, 1762–1802

Governors of the British colony of Saint Lucia 1802–1834

Lieutenant-Governors of Saint Lucia, 1834–1857

Subordinate to the Governor of the British Windward Islands:

Administrators of Saint Lucia 1857–1889

Commissioners of Saint Lucia 1889–1958

Administrators of Saint Lucia 1958–1967

After incorporation into the Federation of the West Indies:

Governors of Saint Lucia 1967–1979

On 27 February 1967, Saint Lucia became an associated state of the United Kingdom, responsible for its own internal affairs.

On 22 February, 1979, Saint Lucia achieved independence from the United Kingdom. For a list of viceroys in Saint Lucia after independence, see Governor-General of Saint Lucia.

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