List of colonial governors of British Somaliland

Coat of arms of British Somaliland from 1903 to 1950
Coat of arms of British Somaliland from 1950 to 1960

This is a list of colonial governors of British Somaliland from 1884 to 1960. They administered the territory on behalf of the United Kingdom.

List of Colonial Heads of British Somaliland

Complete list of colonial governors of British Somaliland:[1]

Term[2] Incumbent Notes
British Suzerainty
1884 to 20 July 1887Frederick Mercer Hunter, Political Agent
British Somaliland Protectorate
20 July 1887 to 1888Frederick Mercer Hunter, Resident
1888 to 1893Edward Vincent Stace, Resident
1893 to 1896Charles William Henry Sealy, Resident
1896 to 1897William Butler Ferris, Resident
1897 to 1898James Hayes Sadler, Resident
1898 to 1901James Hayes Sadler, Consul-General
1901 to 1902Harry Edward Spiller Cordeaux, acting Consul-General1st time
1902 to 1905Eric John Eagles Swayne, Consul-General
1905 to 8 May 1906Vacant
8 May 1906 to 1909Harry Edward Spiller Cordeaux, Commissioner2nd time
1909 to January 1910Vacant
January 1910 to 1911Sir William Henry Manning, Commissioner
July 1911 to 1914Horace Archer Byatt, Commissioner
May 1914 to October 1919Geoffrey Francis Archer, Commissioner
October 1919 to 17 August 1922Geoffrey Francis Archer, GovernorFrom 5 June 1920, Sir Geoffrey Francis Archer
17 August 1922 to 29 November 1925Gerald Henry Summers, Governor
29 November 1925 to 26 January 1926Vacant
26 January 1926 to 18 June 1932Sir Harold Baxter Kittermaster, Governor
18 June 1932 to 2 March 1939Sir Arthur Salisbury Lawrance, Governor
2 March 1939 to 18 August 1940Vincent Goncalves Glenday, Governor
British Somaliland under Italian occupation
19 August 1940 to October 1940Guglielmo Nasi, Military Governor
October 1940 to 16 March 1941Carlo De Simone, Military Governor
British Somaliland Protectorate
29 March 1941 to 3 March 1943Arthur Reginald Chater, Military Governor
3 March 1943 to 3 March 1948Gerald Thomas Fisher, Military Governor
3 March 1948 to 15 November 1948Gerald Thomas Fisher, Governor
1948 to February 1954Gerald Reece, GovernorFrom 1950, Sir Gerald Reece
February 1954 to 1959Theodore Ouseley Pike, GovernorFrom 2 January 1956, Sir Theodore Ouseley Pike
11 July 1959 1 July 1960Douglas Hall, Governor
1 July 1960Reunification of State of Somaliland and the Trust Territory of Somalia, establishing the Somali Republic (Somalia).

For continuation after independence, see List of Presidents of Somalia


  2. Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office

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