List of British representatives at Aden

Map of the Colony of Aden.
Map of the Colony of Aden and its dependencies.

This is a list of British representatives at Aden from 1839 to 1967. They were appointed from British India until 1917 when the Aden Settlement became the responsibility of the Foreign Office in London.

Aden became independent as part of South Yemen on 30 November 1967. For British representation since then, see: List of ambassadors of the United Kingdom to Yemen.


(Dates in italics indicate de facto continuation of office)

Term Incumbent Notes
19 January 1839 to September 1839Stafford Bettesworth Haines, Commander
September 1839 to June 1854Stafford Bettesworth Haines, Agent
June 1854 to September 1854James Outram, Agent
September 1854 to 1859William Marcus Coghlan, Agent
1859 to 1863William Marcus Coghlan, Resident
1863 to 1867William Lockyer Merewether, Resident
1867 to 1870Edward Lechmere Russell, Resident
1870 to 1872Charles William Tremenheere, Resident
1872 to 1878John William Schneider, Resident
1878 to 1882Francis Adam Ellis Loch, Resident
1882 to 1885James Blair, Resident
1885Frederick Mercer Hunter, acting Resident
1885 to 1890Adam George Forbes Hogg, Resident
1890 to 1895John Jopp, Resident
May 1894 to July 1894Charles William Henry Sealy, acting ResidentActing for Jopp
1895 to February 1898Charles Alexander Cunningham, Resident1st time
February 1898 to December 1898Garratt O'Moore Creagh, Resident1st time
December 1898 to 22 January 1899Charles Alexander Cunningham, Resident2nd time
22 January 1899 to 30 June 1900Garratt O'Moore Creagh, Resident2nd time
30 June 1900 to 24 February 1901Herbert Edward Penton, acting Resident
March 1901 to 24 June 1901George Hand More-Molyneux, acting Resident
24 June 1901 to 1904Pelham James Maitland, Resident
1904 to 1906Harry Macan Mason, Resident
1906 to 1910Ernest de Brath, Resident
1910 to 1915James Alexander Bell, ResidentFrom 27 November 1911, Sir James Alexander Bell
1915 to 16 July 1915David George Levigne Shaw, acting Resident
16 July 1915 to 11 September 1915George John Younghusband, acting Resident
11 September 1915 to 1916Charles Henry Uvedale Price
19 February 1916 to 1916William Walton, acting Resident
16 July 1916 to 1919James Marshall Stewart, Resident1st time
1919Lionel Nicholson Beatty, acting Resident
1919Walter Sinclair Delamain, acting resident
1919 to 1921James Marshall Stewart, Resident2nd time
1921 to 1925Thomas Edwin Scott, Resident
1925 to 22 April 1928John Henry Keith Stewart, Resident
22 April 1928 to 7 March 1931George Stewart Symes, ResidentFrom 4 June 1928, Sir George Stewart Symes
7 March 1931 to 1932Bernard Rawdon Reilly, Resident
1932 to 1 April 1937Bernard Rawdon Reilly, Chief Commissioner
1 April 1937 to 24 October 1940Sir Bernard Rawdon Reilly, Governor
24 October 1940 to 1 January 1945John Hathorn Hall, GovernorFrom 1 January 1941, Sir John Hathorn Hall
1 January 1945 to 1950Reginald Stuart Champion, GovernorFrom 1 January 1946, Sir Reginald Stuart Champion
1950 to April 1951William Allmond Codrington Goode, acting Governor
April 1951 to 13 July 1956Sir Tom Hickinbotham, Governor
13 July 1956 to 23 October 1960Sir William Henry Tucker Luce, Governor
23 October 1960 to 18 January 1963Sir Charles Hepburn Johnston, Governor
18 January 1963 to 17 July 1963Sir Charles Hepburn Johnston, High Commissioner
17 July 1963 to 21 December 1964Sir Gerald Kennedy Nicholas Trevaskis, High Commissioner
21 December 1964 to 22 May 1967Sir Richard Gordon Turnbull, High Commissioner
22 May 1967 to 30 November 1967Sir Humphrey Trevelyan, High Commissioner

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